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Zero Waste Lunch Kit

$74.99 USD


Utensil Set: Bamboo Utensil Case: 100% recycled PET fabric Straw: 301 (18/8) stainless steel Straw brush handle: Stainless steel Straw brush bristles: Nylon Stasher: 100% pure platinum grade silicone Sandwich Wrap: Organic cotton coated with sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin Lunchbox: Stainless Steel 201
United States
To Go Ware, Stasher, and U Konserve are certified B Corp members, meeting rigorous third-party standards for responsible manufacturing and production, U Konserve is a member of 1% for the Planet, Bee's Wrap uses GOTS certified organic cotton, and is a Green America Certified Company
All products ship in recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes, All product packaging is recyclable
Product Dimensions
Utensil Set: 8.5" x 1.85" x 1.13; Straw 8.5", Straw Brush: 10.5", Stasher Bag:4.5" x 7.5" x 1", Sandwich Wrap:13" x 13"Lunchbox when closed: 4" x 5.5" x 2.75"


  • This Zero Waste Lunch Kit includes everything you need to make your lunch zero waste. Now, it's easy to grab and go, without having any trash leftover. Enjoy your hot soup and neatly wrapped sandwich with this starter kit. Bon appetit! This kit includes: - To-Go Ware bamboo utensil set - U Konserve stainless steel straw and brush set - Stasher reusable silicone snack bag - Bee's Wrap sandwich wrap - ECOlunchbox 3 in 1 stainless steel lunchbox


  • Bee's Wrap is handmade in the USA

Product Care

  • All products are dishwasher safe, except for Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wrap, Handwash sandwich wrap in lukewarm water with natural soap, hang to dry, Straw and Straw Brush: Remove bristles from brush and recycle all stainless steel with scrap metal collections, Stasher Bag: Stasher has a take back program, repurposing bags into playground pebbles. Send to: Stasher Attn: Repurpose Program 1465 Park Ave Emeryville, CA 94608, Sandwich Wrap: Cut into strips and compost, Lunchbox: Recyclable with scrap metal collections


  • Reusable sandwich wrap folds and ties with cord
  • Utensil set includes carrying case and carabiner
  • Lunchbox has stackable containers to keep your food separate
  • Stasher bag can be used to freeze, microwave, cook, or sous vide food, and is dishwasher safe!
  • Reusable straw fits inside utensil pouch
  • Lunchbox total capacity: 31 oz. / 3.8 cups
  • Stasher's silicone is 100% pure platinum grade silicone–a standard even higher than food grade silicone, passing all U.S. safety requirements alongside even stricter European standards
  • Silicone is made from sand (silica) and oxygen, natural resources that give Stasher bags the purity of glass and the functionality of plastic
  • ECOlunchbox annually offsets the carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent of 4.7 million pounds of coal burned


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  • Ships Within 1 days


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